Big Brother

I have ALWAYS wanted a big brother. 

I have a younger brother, and two younger sisters, and one sis about my same age...whom I love dearly...

But, I always thought it would be so cool to have that older brother figure looking out for me...the one that would beat up the kids that ever made fun of me or be the one that I could always look up to...

My younger brother became those things to me eventually...but it took high school to grow him up (literally...he had to grow a few inches because I was STILL taller than him) But, while we were younger, I was the older sibling...and I hate to say it, but I wasn't necessarily the nicest to him...I was much more mothering and sweet to my younger sisters who were 7 and 12 years younger...

Though it's sometimes easier to have all those kiddos close together in age...I think that age separation can be a good thing too...

This sweet boy is soon to be a big brother...and after spending time with him, I have no doubt that he will be spectacular...

He's funny, and adventurous (all boy!)...but he loves his Momma and believes his Dad is his hero...He knows, as much as his sweet little mind can know, that his life is going to change here in a few weeks...but, he steps up to the challenge...

and I'm so excited for them all!!!

We had a beautiful afternoon together...we focused mostly on family and together shots, but we threw a few maternity in there for good measure:) 

This Momma is glowing and beautiful...I hope you enjoy!




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