All Boys...X3

Not more than a couple days ago I was able to post about ALL GIRLS...X4! 
And here we are...another set of twins...but this time, ALL BOYS in the family!
I was so excited to be able to walk into the home of my high school friend...It's amazing to me how memories can just flood you all at once.  She and I spent nearly every day together in highschool...we ate lunch together, had classes together, cheered together (well, just one year...I wasn't cut out for that part)
Then we all graduated and BAM...20 years have come and gone! 
Yet, when I see her again, it's as if time stood still and we fall back into that natural conversation and just pick up where we left off...
I have always admired her beauty and heart...I remember trying to copy her style and the way she so easily got along with doesn't surprise me that her husband adores her...that they have built a home & life together that is strong & lasting!  Big brother is precious and you can tell that they have poured such love into that sweetheart! 
Along came the adorable twins and their family now feels complete!  
I hope you will enjoy just a few snapshots of our time...It made me smile how she already can see temperaments in the twins...she spikes hair on one, and does a comb-over on the other one. 


Mommy is wanting to put frames next to one other of each I just posted these to show her how it might look.
  Thank you sweet friend for welcoming me into your home...I am blessed to know you!

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