For this child, I prayed...

Everyone welcomes a new baby into their home in a different way...

It can be based on personalities, expectations, which number in birth order the little one arrived...

So many factors attribute to the emotions that are conjured up when that tiny baby is placed in your arms...

Matt & Danielle had prayed for this little guy...their hearts were FULL of hope, expectation, relief, happiness and most of all LOVE...

When I walked into their home, I felt it...I heard it in their voices, I watched it in their touches, I saw it in the way they looked at each other and at the little bundle so carefully and tenderly wrapped in their arms. 

Their home is peaceful and just FULL...I don't know another word to describe it...It's not like they have reached perfection or's more like there is an awareness of the awesome gift they hold and that perspective and understanding just permeates around them...It was beautiful to behold!

I felt incredibly honored that they allowed me to take a few photos of their precious son...

I know they will agree that he is just perfection :)

I love family moments...this might have been my favorite shot of the day!!!

 **sidenote:  I was so excited that I got to try this little upcycled outfit on this guy...would you believe I made it out of MY old maternity sweater???

just hanging out in his lounge chair in his beautiful room!!!

this one is especially for Mommy..he's such a cutie!

Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon...He is truly a blessing!

Unknown  – (25.3.13)  

These are amazing, Colleen!!! Fantastic :) And what a doll baby! ~Holly

Lia  – (26.3.13)  
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Lia  – (26.3.13)  

Absolutely beautiful, Colleen! These images just ooze the love and joy you must have felt being around this family. I just love each and every one of these photos!

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