My Sister is ENGAGED!!!! AHHHHHH

My BABY sister...

I am TWELVE years older than my littlest sister...

She's engaged now...

She's getting MARRIED!!!

How did that happen? 

See, I am the oldest and I am supposed to do all the grown up stuff and then she just stays little and reminds me that I am not really getting older...she's just supposed to keep playing with Rainbow Brite and Stawberry Shortcakes...and I can keep pretending that I'm not approaching 40...Oh My Goodness!

Umm...that's not quite playing out how it is in my head...

and so...on a beautiful day in April, my sweet sister will be getting married:)  I'm so happy that she has found someone that she loves with all her heart:) 

You can see it in her eyes...

We had a wonderful day just being creative and spending time together showcasing the two of them!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Congratulations little Sis...wishing you all the blessings in the world!!!



Sara  – (7.9.12)  

Yowsa! I somehow missed that until now. Congrats to your sweet sis!

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