Family Chaos...and loving it!

There's always a little bit of chaos that surrounds large family, fun and family:)  However, I'm confident that even amidst that chaos, there is the underlying smile of contentment for the love that runs through those family bonds.

I've been privileged to have photographed this extended family for the past 3 years...I've watched their families grown, go through heartache and pain, rejoice in victories and sorrow in loses...

And what has struck me the most, is that bond...they have never waivered...they travel from all corners of the continent to come together each summer.  It is a credit to the two that started it all in the beginning and the values they have instilled in their children...and now their children's children!

I hope you will enjoy just an overview of our time together:)

(remember when I mentioned "chaos"?...I LOVED this!)

Always some fun personality from this silly girl:)

This daddy will have his hands full someday when these girlies become teenagers...but, he's the perfect match for them all!  He and their mommy exude patience, love and great sense of humor!

Such a kind, respectful them!

He loves his daddy dearly!

oh, such love is bestowed on this sweet girl:)

All of these sweet families...beginning with the two of them:)  You are so very dear to me!  Thank you for letting me "be apart of YOUR family" each year:)

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