Boy OH Boy!

August 16th marked the 15 year anniversary of when my little sister Sarah, went home to be with Jesus.  I've imagined countless times, what she might be like now...what would she look like...would she be married...would she have kids...would she still wear her hair short...the list of questions goes on and on...

When I met Beth for the first time, there was something about her that just clicked with me and I tried to put my finger on it...

And then I realized what it was...

She reminds me of Sarah...

They even share the same birthday month...I love being around her...I love the idea that I can have a friendship with someone "like" my sister, because I missed out on it with Sarah. 

Beth is a mommy of two little boys...sweet, adorable, ALL boy boys...and I LOVE it!  I had the opportunity to take some photos of her newest little one and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself...even my Little Munchkin tagged along!  Her house is cozy and welcoming and filled with photos and memories and faces of loved felt like home!

Hope you enjoy some of my sure to click on the slideshow to see many more...

This next one is for his Daddy...

Amy Carlson  – (30.8.10)  

Adorable, great job Colleen. Very Creative!

Dee Dee Ball  – (31.8.10)  

I LOVE the "Love" photo! Oh so very fun! What an awesome gift ~ Ty and your photos!

Beth  – (31.8.10)  

You are so sweet! I love love LOVE all these pictures and your sweet words!

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