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It's funny how my brain works sometimes...My husband sometimes has to just stop me and say, "wait a minute, HOW did you get to THERE from HERE?" in our conversations...but, it just sorta happens...I'm sitting there thinking of one thing and that leads to another and the next thing I know, I'm on my belly laying in the middle of train tracks...

Yep...that's where I ended up today with this family...Let's call them the "H" family, because I'm just overly cautious about the whole "web" and privacy and information and...well...let's just leave it at that...

Right in the middle of church it happened...I was listening to my second service for the day because I was on the worship team and needed to be at both worship, as our pastor is describing the scene of the woman at the well, I'm picturing the stones, a dusty road...I'm seeing things in "perspective" and wishing I could have been there to get a picture of the disciples faces when they approach Jesus talking with a SAMARITAN...and a WOMAN no less...

Something about stones, walking...I have no clue...the next thing I know my brain thinks:  "I need to get the "H" family to the railroad tracks this afternoon!!!" 

Crazy, I's what my Italian Stallion (my hubby) has to put up with everyday!

So, without further is just a quick sneak peak at some of my favs from the afternoon!  They were such good sports and I think the girls did an awesome job...their personalities have been captured I believe!

After our train track excursion...we drove over to another location and got some other cute family shots.  Check out my facebook page:  CT PhotoMemories to see more!

graig and sara  – (9.11.09)  

LOVE the train track photos!! I'm totally going to use that idea when I get back home! Your pics are amazing!

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