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Quality photography is definitely an investment! And I may not be for everyone (yep, this IS a business) I wish it weren't the case, as I'd love to serve everyone,  but I am a wife & mom to 3 daughters and balancing the needs of family/school/activities gets hectic for all of us.  I have a passion for photography...and the business aspect of CT PhotoMemories, helps to contribute to supporting the family.

There are many costs associated with legitimately running a photography business, including education, licensing, equipment, research, software, and great deal of time both for a session & the behind the scenes work of processing & communication. 

For each client, I spend several hours of time.  We consult about location and clothing.  I travel to the location, photograph the session, and then head back home. Depending on the type of session, this could be between 30 minutes to 4 hours. I then open all those beautiful files and carefully select the best images...the ones that best depict my style and showcase my clients' personalities. (as a side note, you may not see EVERY picture for which you were "posing",  professional discretion is used in choosing images) For each file, I do a custom edit, choosing the exact enhancements and modifications that will make each image stand alone, and yet work together with the entire session.  Finally, I take those images, upload them to an online gallery linked to a professional printing company so that those high resolution images may be delivered immediately to my clients. 

I work a little differently than other area photographers, but I have found that this system is simple, affordable and allows my clients greater control over their images!  If you compare my pricing to other professional photographers that have my similar style & quality, you will find that my pricing is low...considerably so, when you factor in that you also receive "digital images" instead of a print credit. (if you even get down to nickel/diming it, you'll see that per image is mere pennies for what is received in my session costs)

I take a great risk by working this way in that I give over the control of my "art" into the hands of my clients.  Once you receive images, you are given a release form to print however many images you may desire.  Because my highest form of advertisement is word of mouth and what others see in the homes of my clients, I depend on my clients to use good judgment in their printing. 

When you invest money and time and energy into a family session with CTPhotoMemories, it is in your best interest to also invest in getting professional prints.  Therefore, I offer an online gallery that is linked with a professional printing company used by photographers worldwide.  I control the price lists, and so that my clients have the optimal opportunity to choose the BEST print quality...I set the print pricing at retail/base prices.  

With each session, I offer this online gallery, where all your images are already uploaded and ready to go!  You can also be rest assured that all order "pass by" me first...therefore, if you are nervous about cropping or making sure that each picture will be "just right", I will double check your order before sending it along for printing!

It is my hope, that clients will choose to print through the gallery, therefore receiving professional prints that they can showcase in their homes...and also receive the digital images that they can share on facebook and blogs and with family around the world.  In this, all people get to see the BEST quality images from a session.

Although I try NOT to increase my pricing each year, due to additional equipment, and insurance, price changes must occur periodically (typically every 2-3 years). 
 In addition, because my pricing is already low and I've learned to produce quality compositions in a rather short period of time (30-45 minutes), I do not offer mini-sessions.  Should circumstances force my costs higher, I would consider adding mini-sessions into my repertoire of offerings.   

It is my desire to provide full, moment-capturing, fun-filled experiences in my sessions, and I do so hope to continue offering low-cost regular family sessions for the amazing people I have the privilege of meeting each year. 

To see exact pricing for each session, please click on the INVESTMENT link in the tab bar above...then scoot over to the other tab links to see specific session galleries:) 

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I hope to be able to work with you soon!!!

*** pricing is subject to change at any time 

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