I did things a little bit differently this time around with this sweet little newness:) 

Normally, I'm much more focused on candid, relationship interaction, etc with new ones...but, when the Mommy is a teacher (like yours truly) and she has all these incredible hats and props and such....well...

Let's just say that Brecka and I had wayyyy too much fun "playing with this doll" than anything else.  So you'll have to forgive the many wardrobe changes and the gazillion poses...

Rest assured, since her Mommy & Daddy are a part of our lifegroup, I ended up having her over again a couple weeks later in order to get some "real" all those sweet details and snuggling with Mommy...sweet touches and gentle kisses:)  In other words, I stayed on task, more true to my "norm"...

Regardless, I think you'll at least enjoy these outcomes because, really...who can resist a newborn with bright, twinkle-y eyes???

 Lastly...hello little smooshie...

Lori S.  – (30.8.11)  

Best. Infant. Pictures. Ever. (And I've seen a lot.)

Dan Spahr  – (30.8.11)  

Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Dan Spahr (grandpa)

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